Toddler Easter Egg Dying

This is by far the BEST method we have found for letting our little dye Easter eggs, practically mess free and stress free!
When I starting imagining our toddler triplets dying Easter eggs, I was having anxiety picturing the mess and frustration...I almost canned the idea all together. But this is a SPILL FREE way that saved our lives and allowed our littles to participate in this fun tradition with our family.
First of all, we get a box and cut circles in it that will fit whatever cup we are going to use. Make sure it's wider than the bottom of the cup but smaller than the top of the cup so you can wedge it in there nice and tight. This makes it a fabulous spill free activity!
Another fabulous trick we use to prevent eggs rolling all over the place and cracking is using whisks instead of spoons! This has been AMAZING!!!! The kids just need our help getting the eggs in and out and they can walk all over, dip the eggs in and out without dropping them. We LOVE these tricks and we will never do it another way!!
Another fun tip of ours is to use Americolor Food Coloring instead of the tablets you buy in the store. The eggs dye SO much faster! And we already have plenty of this color on hand for my cake decorating.
Try it out...you'll never go back!


Felt Bunting Tutorial

My little triplet girls have a photo shoot coming up that I'm SO excited for! It has a girly vintage theme so I've been busy making every single prop for it. I wanted to make a simple but elegant looking bunting. I've made many a bunting, banner and garland in my time so I wanted to try something different. I decided to mess around with felt since it is SO easy!
This is a really simple project. So unfortunately, I didn't take too many photos. But I will do my best to explain step-by-step what I did!
I picked out several sheets of felt in the colors I wanted.
I cut each sheet in half lengthwise.
Then I folded them in half lengthwise AGAIN.
Now fold in HALF.
While pinching the felt folded, I cut in at an angle TOWARD the fold. Basically cutting out a triangle.
When you unfold it, you will have the teeth-shaped bunting cut.
*If this is too confusing, you can just cut out your bunting shape one by one by free handing it. But this is the shortcut I use to make sure that both sides are even.*

Once you have cut all of your "teeth" out, you can lay out your twine, ribbon, string or whatever you want to use for hanging.
Fold your bunting over the rope and secure with hot glue. Make sure that your teeth ends front and back match up with each other.
That's it!

You can get fancy and add any embelishments you desire...or even use a sewing machine!
Another option is to fold your bunting in half, glue it and then connect all the buntings together by using a sewing machine like you would with a garland.


Pastel Spring Cupcakes

I love making treats for...well ANY holiday really! But for Easter, I just love the way I feel when surrounded by fresh pastels.
To make these Smooth Pastel cupcakes, first I baked some delicious Boxed Carrot Cake Mix & made Home Made Cream Cheese Frosting. (recipe below)
ALWAYS let your cupcakes COOL before decorating!!
I separated my frostings and colored each in a different pastel. Here I used pink, violet and avocado Americolor Food coloring.
Next, melt your frosting in the microwave until runny. About 25 seconds.
Hold your cupcake upside down, dip in the frosting and allow the excess to drip off.

I let my cupcakes harden up a little by putting them in the fridge for about 30 minutes.
Then I took some leftover frosting and piped some fun spring words onto them.
I'm pretty sure carrot cake & cream cheese aren't in anyone's diet...but they sure make a fabulous mouth-watering CHEAT treat!
*TIP*: I like to put a filling in all of my cupcakes. Usually just extra frosting. For a cupcake like this with such little frosting, I would highly suggest putting some cream cheese in the center first to add more frosting flavor! You'll thank me! 
Cream Cheese Frosting
6 TBS Unsalted Butter (room temp or microwave for 10-15 sec)
1 package cream cheese (room temp or microwave 1 min)
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
3-4 cups Powdered sugar (depending on how sweet you want it)
Start by creaming your butter and cream cheese in mixer. Once creamy, add vanilla. Gradually add in powdered sugar about 1/2 cup at a time. Scrape down sides frequently.
*This is enough frosting for 24 cupcakes using this frosting method above. I usually double this recipe when making my makes*


DIY Pallet Map Knock-Off

 For Today:

The inspiration for this project (one of my FAVORITES BTW!) came from seeing some wooden pallet style maps around the last few months that I wanted so badly to add to my home. I love anything with a rustic vibe and I'm really leaning into more natural looks and colors for my home. Here are some pieces of inspiration I found.

Pottery Barn $349.00
Etsy Shop

World Market $80 (Sold Out)

You can also get personal with it and choose a US State:

I went with a Map of the US because it's absolutely timeless to me. This is a piece that I don't feel will ever be out of fashion or trend. I can see this piece having a place in any future home we have. I love that about it!

I knew this project would be a piece of cake because it's not much different from my silhouette tutorials. You can find them HERE and HERE. Ok so here's what you'll need!

Boards: Many options here. You can buy a few pieces and cut them yourself depending on how big you want it. Or you can tear apart a pallet. If you want something really small, you could get away with some left over wood scraps. I wanted a pretty big one. One that could make a statement and would still look great with vaulted ceilings. Mine is approx 3ft x 4ft. I could've purchased the giant boards and cut them BUT I was in the mood for a QUICK one-night project. So I bought the precut wood at a grand total of $19. Now, if I didn't already have stain and paint I probably would've saved a few bucks and bought the bigger pieces and had them cut.
Stain: I chose Dark Walnut (already had some at home)
White Paint (or your choice of color)
Paint Brushes: You will want small ones for outlining and a large sponge brush for the rest
Sandpaper for distressing (optional)
Last, you will need a map!
Print the FREE template in the size you want from HERE.

Step 1. After you have your desired measurements, line up your pieces of board making sure they are level with no cracks in between. Flip them over. Use wood glue to attach several pieces of wood going vertically to connect all the pieces together. After the glue has dried, secure them by drilling screws into those pieces of wood.

Step 2. Stain your wood in your desired color. Again I used Dark Walnut that we had already. Make sure you go back and wipe with a rag before it dries to get an even stain. Let it dry for a few hours or overnight.
Step 3. After you have printed your free map template (link above), lay all of your papers out. Cut along the outside edges and then tape them all together.
Step 4. Tape in several spots so that it stays in place and then begin to trace with a pencil.
If you have carbon paper, you can skip the cutting and just tape all of the pieces together, lie the carbon paper onto the boards, put the map on top of that and trace the outline. The image will transfer onto the wood. I didn't have carbon paper and didn't feel it necessary to buy some so tracing worked for me. If you are doing something more complex, like a map of the World, you might want to try the carbon paper method.

 Step 5. After you have traced the outline, remove the map and begin filling in the borders with a fine tip paint brush. I used a medium paint brush to blend in toward the middle a little to make sure my outer lines were nice and thick. Continue in the middle with a big foam brush.

Step 6. Once the paint has dried (I always use a hair dryer!), if you want a distressed look. simply take some sand paper and age that baby until your little heart is content!
 Here's a close-up of my distressing

I mean really??? It was THAT easy? When I catch a glance at this I honestly feel like I could have paid top dollar for something like this. And it was SO easy!

I still haven't decided where to hang this gem but it's a keeper!


DIY St Patricks Day Gold

The Leprechaun doesn't do as many shenanigans as he use to...silly tricks, footprints, etc. He usually just dyes our food green & leaves a small treasure! Don't get me wrong, as parents we love every chance we get to celebrate holidays in our home. Some are small and silly but they provide us an opportunity to do something exciting, put smiles on the little's faces and teach them something new! It's a fun way to have fun and break up the every day routine.
This year, I came up with this idea last minute. It's so simple and you may already have the items around the house like I did! Here's what you'll need:
Terracotta pot
Gold Spray paint
Various acrylic paint colors
Gold wrapped candy (Rolo' or Treasures)
It's as simple as it looks. I painted the pot black and sprayed the rocks gold. Then I filled the bottom of the pot with Skittles and gold Rolos. I put the "real gold" on the top!
For the rainbow (optional), I painted popsicle sticks and then hot glued them together by laying a popsicle stick across them in the back.
There you have it! A fun treasure that you can even reuse each year!
I hope your St Patricks Day brought you lots of good luck!
Just for fun, this is what the Leprechaun did last year!



Sabbath Day Activities-FREE Printable!

It's easy to remember all of the "don'ts" in our efforts to keep the Sabbath Day holy for our families. But it's important to remember that refraining from certain activities in order to observe the Sabbath doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of great things we CAN do and teach our children to do and look forward to. All while sharing the gospel and welcoming the Spirit into our homes. I've gathered up some of my favorite Sabbath Day Activity ideas for you and a link to a FREE download in case you want to put it on your fridge!




DIY Gold Polka Dot Leggings


Gold is still all the rage right now. Christmas is over but we all can't seem to get enough of this glittery goodness! I've seen some cute Glitter Gold Polka Dot leggings in some boutiques and unfortunately at $34 a pair I couldn't see myself spending three times that for my triplets. But I love a good Refashion and Walmart happens to have SUPER cheap leggings in multiple colors for $3.88!!!

Here's what you need for this super affordable cuteness:

Pair of white leggings ($3.88 at Walmart!!)
Martha Stewart Gold Metallic Paint
Round sponge brush.
You'll want to make sure you cut out some cardboard or something to slip in between the pants so the paint won't bleed through. That would be a crying shame.
Then, you can be lazy like me and eyeball it, or use a ruler to space out your polka dots. I just painted 2 dots on one row and then put one in the middle...then repeated all the way up. On the opposite side, I started out with the 1 dot and then followed my next row with 2. This way the pattern matches up better with the back. It won't be perfect but it doesn't matter...they'll still look good as long as they are a little spaced apart.
To speed up the process, I use a hair dryer. Make sure the front is completely dry before flipping over to the back.
I don't know about you, but I love feeling like I can still keep my little ones fashionable on a dime. It's so empowering to know that with a little time and creativity, we can offer our children so much more and also give ourselves some much needed mama time. Even if it's silly leggings, I feel such a sense of pride knowing that I'm able to make things on my own for them. They are after all, mine...they're what I'm here for. I'm so grateful they are still at an age where they jump up and down when they see something I have made for them. I know that will fade one day but it's the kind of thing I live for right now. In the midst of all of our struggles right now, those are the things that make me smile.